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After I had decided to go for further studies, I immediately started to worry about where to go and from which University should I be getting my Master's. There are literally thousands of amazing Universities and I was very confused about which to choose and what would be my best fit in terms of both University and the country.

There were hundreds of reviews on the internet about all the Universities and it was keeping me up all night for days with tremendous stress. I decided to opt for professional guidance. When finding a consultant in Myanmar we normally try to go for the most famous and flashy ones, but I was introduced to Academia Education which turned out to be perfect for me.

After getting in contact with the consultants from Academia Education, they were able to pinpoint my needs and were able to find a university that is best suited for me and my situation.

Not only did they help me in my application; both university and visa, but were transparent all throughout, explaining to me steps by steps what is needed and why those items are needed, which puts a client’s mind at ease, that the consultant you have chosen knows what they are doing, unlike many other services we find in Myanmar. I already knew that it was inevitable that I would be getting the university I was looking for and the visa for the country.

One of the best things that make me attracted to the service is that they work well ahead of the timelines set and deliver what is needed for me. They always have a solution for you. The other thing that is best about Academia Education is that they are very patient and they are always there whenever you need them, throughout the whole process.

I would say I was able to know the whole process and felt like I am always involved, which help me learn a lot about the processes as well.

For anyone looking to study abroad, if they are having a hard time, I would definitely recommend Academia Education as they listen to your problems and their services are catered towards the needs of a client. Also, they have all the services needed; from partnering the Universities to getting visas to booking flight tickets. All in one.

If I were to rate Academia Education Service from 1-10, I would definitely go for 10 as they have helped in all the processes with ease and were able to consult me in ways I was not able to get from other Education services.
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